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HUmineral, LLC.™ is in business to inform consumers daily of the importance of cell health and how we may achieve it, and to provide our clients, customers and buyer’s’ with what hopefully is life changing, information on the importance of mineral supplementation, its benefits and significance to cellular health, which leads to longevity of life for planet and all HUmanity.

At the heart of our mission, is our consultative approach and the valuable product information delivered to every client introduced to a HUmineral product. This requires the Company to research our products thoroughly, train our Buyers (from nutrition markets to medical practitioners), and provide our clients with samples and on-going sales and training support, so that our clients select the best and most beneficial products for their customers. Our approach saves our clients time and money, while increasing their overall ability to provide better health information and benefits to their constituents.

Equally important, is our ongoing commitment to provide an unparalleled level of service, integrity and professionalism, to every one of our clients. We understand that our business life begins and ends with our clients’ complete satisfaction. The Company, therefore, will never waiver in its pledge to provide an unbeatable level of customer service.


Soil + Seed + Root + Plant = Food = LIFE

HUmineral™ is commited to delivering consumers information and quality products that are from organic, natural and chemical-free sources in the form of whole foods and whole food supplements. Our products are born out of the desire to make a major difference to the consumers total body health and wellbeing. Our products are formulated with care, for infants to elderly and all derived and manufactured in the USA. Our products are mostly RAW, Sprouted, Vegan, Organic and/or Chemical free.

HUminerals’™ main focus is on the importance of providing MINERAL supplementation to our depleted and lacking diets, not provided in our food sources today. Our current and future products ranges from nutriceutical for internal to body/facial care, externally.

HUmineral™, is dedicated to ongoing research as we develop new products and launch our brands. Follow us on-line at Facebook, Twitter and other media’s, to stay connected.

Much of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We thank you for your referrals and for choosing to do business with HUmineral™. We look forward to continuing to earn your trust and business, while delivering to you, your clients, families and your businesses life changing quality products, that transform its consumer to a new level of health.

All our products are GMP manufactured and made here in the USA!


pgPaul Grady, CTO

Mr. Grady has a broad and varied background in business, both domestic and international. After having spent a decade managing nearly every facet of an international resort company, Mr. Grady started his own mortgage banking operation in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company doubled in size every year for six years. After nine years of operation, Mr. Grady sold the company to a firm specializing in high tech underwriting software. In 2001, Mr. Grady helped to establish a publicly traded Mortgage Banking company, Consumer Direct of America. Through organic growth and acquisitions, the company reached 1.5 billion in annual mortgage originations. Mr. Grady was the executive vice-president in charge of secondary marketing, underwriting, compliance and regulatory issues.

After leaving the mortgage business in 2005, Mr. Grady helped to establish and build a sports nutrition company from $20,000 per month in revenue during the start-up phase to over $2 million per month within two years. Mr. Grady was responsible for supply chain, manufacturing, inventory management, shipping, quality control and compliance as well as research and development (“R&D”). Mr. Grady brings a broad understanding of business and finance to the management team.

Paul is currently the CEO of Fossil Energy, Incorporated, a privately held Oil and Gas exploration and production company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company has lease holdings in Wyoming, Kentucky, Texas and Nebraska. The company is in development stage with modest production and approximately eight million barrels of recoverable oil reserves. The company has secured commitments for fifteen million in development funds to drill wells on existing lease holdings.

1974 – 1978: Paul attended Ohio State University in pre-medicine with a major in Microbiology and minors in physics and chemistry. Deciding against a career in medicine, Mr. Grady studied practical nutrition as a member of the staff of a cutting-edge drug rehabilitation clinic in 1980.

1980 – 1990: Mr. Grady took a position in HR at a company operating international resorts. From that position, he advanced through the ranks to a senior executive position at corporate headquarters. Overseeing operations on five continents, Mr. Grady dealt with everything from human resources, legal, international marketing, millions of square feet of construction and renovation projects and the search and acquisition of a major cruise ship on behalf of CSI.

1991 – 1999: Upon starting a family, Mr. Grady left the time-intensive field of international business management and helped start a mortgage banking company in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company grew at an annual rate in excess of one hundred percent for 6 consecutive years. Mr. Grady sold the company in 1999 to a company creating a high tech computer based mortgage underwriting system.

2000 – 2005: Mr. Grady worked with, 21st Century Financial Systems as an Executive V.P. for a year before leaving to found a publicly traded national mortgage bank; Consumer Direct of America, where Mr. Grady was an Exec V.P. in charge of secondary marketing, as well as underwriting, compliance and regulatory.

Feb 2005 – Aug 2007: Mr. Grady was offered a position within a company where he could return to his first interest of nutrition. He took a position as Executive Vice President with Xyience, Inc., a sports nutrition and beverage company. Mr. Grady was responsible for supply chain, manufacturing, inventory management, shipping, quality control and compliance as well as Research and Development. Mr. Grady joined the company when it had forty thousand dollars in revenue and left after having helped take it to twenty-two million dollars in annual revenue over a two and a half year period of time.

Aug 2007 – Feb 2008: Prior to joining Fossil Energy, Inc., Mr. Grady was hired by ICC, Inc., a high tech water conservation company as President. Mr. Grady installed the necessary infrastructure, senior management and financial resources for the company to succeed in the rapidly expanding “green” sector. The company is continuing its development and is poised to become the leader in residential and commercial water conservation technology.

Candice Nicole

Candice Nicole

Candice Nicole, Founder/President

Candice Nicole is the Founder and President of HUmineral and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company as well as the lead in product and business development.

As a veteran of the health industry Candice have spent the last 15 years working in different capacities, including, formulation, sales, marketing, branding and distribution. After successfully growing and establishing three different health and wellness companies, but feeling as the focus was not on helping people, Candice was ready to take it to the next level and educate more people to the benefits of HUMATES, Humic Acid Minerals. In order to provide a better product to market Candice launched HUmineral.

Candice started out as she was seeking to find a way to live healthier, age healthier, have more energy, and many other of the same reasons that finds you browsing this site today, but nothing that she tried had as big effect as what Humic Acid Minerals had on her. Growing up in a holistic household, where health was always a focus and herbal supplements were part of everyday routine, Candice searched for natural way to get healthier and discovered Humic Acid Minerals through books, scientific articles and speaking with health and wellness professionals. Ms. Nicole learned of the powerful and natural benefits of Humic Acid Minerals and was astonished at the difference it made to her everyday life. She literally felt a difference within an hour and a half after trying Humic Mineral the first time. After such a profound effect Candice was hooked and HUmineral was born.

Ms. Nicole worked with several scientist, Ph.D.’s, doctors, and health food experts to reach the ideal formulations for products that would benefit the end-user, and create something that was good enough for Ms. Nicole to bring to market. Working tirelessly to develop the best products is an ongoing process as is HUmineral’s focus on bringing our listening audience the increased health and wellness it is craving, and we do this by providing HUmic and Fulvic Acid Mineral information and product.

One of my most important passions and purpose has always been to help people. “To make a difference!” I believe we all would like to make a difference, and personally HUmineral makes it possible for me to live this passion. My purpose continues. Thank you.”


Anders Almgren

Anders Almgren

Anders Almgren, CEO &VP Administration

Mr. Almgren holds a JD and a BS in Business Administration/Information Systems, and is in charge of the day to day financial and legal operation of HUmineral, LLC. Prior to assuming his position with HUmineral LLC, Mr. Almgren has overseen the operation of several small businesses, including all legal, accounting, and regulatory aspects. He has a worked on a wide variety of cases in his capacity as attorney encompassing everything between helping homeowners from being foreclosed and evicted to major pharmaceutical patent litigation, but his focus has always been on small business and helping people.

Since graduating from Law School in 2007, Anders has been the General Manager/Owner of several Independent Oil and Gas Companies where Mr. Almgren has been the lead in increasing both production and profit as well as negotiated and facilitated the sale of some of these businesses.

Linda Lull
Director of Business Development

Linda Lu Humineral Director Business Development

Mirella Dominguez
Sales/Marketing Team Member, West Division
Sunny Khan
Sales/Marketing Team Member, East Division
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