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Candice Nicole HUmineral Raw Powder

Every bitter thing is sweet ….
if we have chosen to learn the lesson.

Recent Testimonials

I work at Life Food Organic and had not had a chance to try the HUmineral product. One day I was in my girlfriends car and saw the Humic Hydration Mineral Spray, I sprayed my face and hair and immediately noticed a difference and I felt energized is the only way I can explain.

Sabrina, LifeFood Organic
Santa Monica, CA
LifeFood Organic and HUmineral Humic Fulvic Minerals

I was recently introduced to the HUmineral product in a Healthy Market in Marina Del Rey, CA, I am using the pills and the Skin Spray. Immediately I noticed energy with the pills. I am a swimmer and am loving the Skin Spray.

Marina Del Rey, CA

I am 55 years old and type 2 diabetic, have a grueling schedule starting early, ending late. I use the Humic Powder Veggie Caps and the Zeolite and cant believe my ability to go, go, go. It definitely gives me energy and I sleep better, no bathroom issues. I also noticed a difference in my skin. It helped my discoloration on my skin, so I thought I would start using the Skin Spray and I do notice it is brighter, fresher or seems cleaner. Hard to explain, but I notice a difference.

Karl Erik,

Eat From The Heart

Valerie Humineral Eating from the Heart Humic Health

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Tyler, Exec Asst to Fran Drescher

"I’m hoping this message finds Candice. Fran met her or someone from her team at Vitamin Barn in Malibu and we wanted to let you know that she absolutely loves..." Read more >>

Doris L. Palmer, Chesterton, IN

"I cannot say enough about the kindness that was shown to me upon placing an order for this amazing product, humate humic/fulvic acid mineral...." Read more >>


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