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Why Yoga?

We are reminding our HU-Healthy followers of all the joys and health of YOGA.

For those who believe it is “too slow, a waste of time, or not a results lending exercise. Try it for one month, faithfully, and you just may change your mind. You can start with a less intense practice, Hatha or Iynegar, a slow flow or Bikram, Power, or Vinyasa, more intensity and challenging. Yoga is an enduring mind-body practice. You can do yoga with limited start up investment. Practice in your living room, bedroom, garage or basement. Start simple if you are newbie, with a single Lotus, Shavasana, Sukhasana or Sidhasana pose for 10 minutes and work your way up. Yoga practice helps your breathing, meditation/focus, stretches muscles, increases strength, range of motion, flexibility and so much more. Yoga increases the awareness of body.

Sometimes we need power and sometimes we need a soothing candlelit class. It’s all possible with YOGA.


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HU-Healthy Testimony

I have been using HUmineral for several months. I am the ripe young age of 68. These minerals are powerful. I take the pills and liquid internally as well as the zeolite and can see and feel the cleansing. I feel more fed. I don’t eat food. I primarily drink all my nutrients in a blender, opening pills and crushing all my supplements to a liquid. I use the skin spray on my face, hair and hands and bottom of my feet for dry cracked heels. I could not believe the anti-aing benefits. I have been in skin care my whole life and not seen such results. It literally tightened my skin.

JSG – Beverly Hills, CA

November, 2016

HUmineral Join the Culture and Mission of Health

HUmineral – Join the Culture and Mission of Health

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