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Here at HUmineral, HEALTHY is a LIFESTYLE!

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There’s no secrets to healthy eating!! There are strategies that can lead to various performance benefits, but 99 percent of diet is cutting junk and eating real food. Any diet, no matter how easy it seems, will take some will power on your part if you want to see results. Your long-range goal should be to eat well, period. If you can accomplish this, your physical transformation will become a natural extension of your lifestyle, instead of something you need to pursue.



Valerie’s Healthy Share Tip: Are FATS good for you?

Yes, GOOD FATS are good for you!
Essential Fatty acids are a part of nearly all our bodily functions. They involve brain cells, nervous system and hormone function. Aid immune system and cell wall function.
Fats allow us to assimilate nutrients and prevent allergens from damaging our bodies. Fats also assist us in fueling the body and absorption of vitamins.



Valerie S. Rutherford

Valerie S. Rutherford


Meet Valerie S. Rutherford +

Valerie specializes in Physical Fitness Training, Dietary Counseling, Nutritional Analysis, Program Management and overall Total Wellness / Lifestyle Coaching.

Valerie will deliver Healthy Shares for workout and wellness, offering a monthly fitness tip and our favorite foodie (drink or a meal item). This information will also be available via our Monthly HUmineral Healthy Share …… Stay Tuned and in Touch!

Valerie has served clients for over 18 years, with private studio availability for one-on one or group lessons in Sherman Oaks, CA, with availability soon coming to Austin, Texas.

Certified by Nesta:
Wellness Coach
Holistic Coach
Crosfit Trainer
Stress Management Coach

Weight Training
Fitness Assessment
Personal Trainer
Lifestyle Consultant

Group and Private Cross Training
Toning and Shaping
Strength Training/Cardio Programs
Dietary Counseling for Children & Adults
Allergy Consulting / Shopping Services
Detox Programs
Lifestyle Coaching
Toxic Product Replacement
Stress Management

Valerie also provides services her services to medical practitioners from Wellness Center to Holistic, such as Byrnes Family Chiropractic, Kicks Martial Arts and Studio Wellness Centers. Stay tuned for her ongoing seminars and nutrition planning for both kids and adults, that will be offered via internet, in-person and telephonically.

Contact Valerie for privates or counseling:

Phone Consultation Sessions Available:
+ 15 Minute
+ 30 Minute
+ 1 HR
(to better benefit your consultation and for on-going practice, you will receive a consultation questionnaire via email, to fill out prior to your consultation call)

Eat From The Heart…


commet“Hi Valerie,

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with an upset stomach almost every time I ate. I would try to eat healthy or eat what I thought was healthy but would have a hard time eating vegetables without suffering from bloating and upset stomach. I also had a huge craving for sweets. I was never hugely overweight but I always had a weight I hoped to reach again, especially after having a baby. I recently found out that I had several food sensitivities and a problem with candida. Soon after, Valerie was recommended to me and I started eating from the heart. Since meeting with Valerie, I can now eat all the vegetables I want without stomach issues and I have almost reached my goal weight in 3 weeks! When I started eating from the heart, I was around 134-138 depending on what I ate and how bloated I was. Today I am 127. Trying to lose those last 10lbs can be the hardest! Eating from the heart has helped me be accountable and provide me with knowledge of foods and meals to help me stay on track and feel better! Whether I’m preparing a meal at home, eating out or going out of town, Valerie has provided me with more support than I could have hoped for at all times with healthy suggestions and options for healthy foods. My sweet cravings have significantly dropped too! Although I had to follow a bit of a strict diet at first due to food allergies and candida, which Valerie guided me through and still is, eating from the heart lets me still be able to live my life so I don’t feel deprived of things I love but helps me make better decisions when doing it.

Eating from the heart has definitely giving me the knowledge and support I need in guiding me to a healthier lifestyle change!”

Ali Burt

commet“I started the Eat From The Heart program, not to lose weight but to eat healthier. I have always been that person to skip meals and snack. Valerie has taught me to eat 3 real meals and add 2 small snacks. My blood sugar is finally stable and my energy is awesome!!! I am staying on this healthy program forever because it’s just making healthy choices.”

Safia Day, Jeweler

commet“Hi Valerie,

I am this crazy person that workouts out really hard and thinks I can eat anything. The Eating from the Heart program is all about Balance in your life. Valerie told me healthy lifestyle changes in food and exercise can change my life. I learned how to be accountable for what I ate and not abuse my body by over training.

I have never felt better! I love this program!!”

Katy Anderson

commet“Like most people, this is not my first diet and exercise rodeo! Valerie provided the accountability, guidance and positive mind set that has helped everything come together for me. Thanks to Valerie, I am well on my way to achieving vibrant and lasting health. That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? I hope this is what you meant. Sincerely, thank you for all of your help!”

Katie Johnson, Realtor

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