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Polyphenols – a type of antioxidant found primarily in plants. The most powerful free-radical fighting molecules, readily available in many of the foods you can find in the grocery aisle. However, we do not get nearly the nutrition we need from our foods today, so we need to supplement. The more free-radicals you fight, the healthier your system.

PolyphenolsThe Foodwatch.com.au website states that: “There are over 4,000 polyphenol compounds. Many are powerful antioxidants and can neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation, and slow the growth of diseases.”If it is on your agenda to obtain a healthier daily lifestyle, there are a few choices you can make right now. Work out (body and mind), eat well and supplement necessary nutrients. HUmineral HUmic mineral products will aid this mission by fighting inflammation, kicking free-radicals, slowing and perhaps preventing the growth of disease in the body, due to its superior two-chain mineral molecule that provides powerful polyphenols (antioxidants) and life altering electrolytes.

HUmineral product, offers a topical form and ingestibles. Formulated for kids to adults. Our polyphenol rich raw liquid mineral food nutrient in supplement form, also available in a vegetarian capsule and a mineral face/hair/body spray for head to toe. HUmineral’s perfect way to add a little more antioxidant power to your life, providing energy, focus, stamina, detoxification, hormonal support, healthy muscle, joint and thyroid.

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