SKIN Deep with HUmineral

Here’s a gift for every body and every skin type.


Many Faces of HUmineral Skin

Do you have elastic skin?


Skin, our largest organ. Caring for our skin isn’t as difficult as we may think. Here’s a healthy alternative to slathering on expensive lotions or undergoing extensive invasive treatments, A gift from nature for head to toe. No matter age, skin type, season or routine, our skin needs oxygen and hydration. Humic MINERAL nutrients from HUmineral are plant-based mineral nutrients that aid absorption, which allows the natural collagen in our skin to remain plump and elastic. Collagen is everywhere in our body, it provides lubrication for our joints. HUmic Healthy skin in an easy external spritz or a daily supplement (raw liquid or vegetarian capsule). Learn more about how to care for the elastic in your skin and maintain a healthy body at Healthy SKIN – Healthy BODY.
HUmineral Skin Spritz Cellular Health Happy Valentines detox


HUmic Hydration Mineral Face/Hair/Body Spray

HUmic Hydration Mineral Spray


The beauty and benefit of HUmineral HUmic Hydration for face/hair/body are the Humates, delivering organic minerals rich in anti-oxidants and electrolytes (hydrating and toning). MAGNESIUM & ZINC are responsible for increasing collagen, provided in HUmineral Hydration Spray along with every mineral the body requires. A natural electrolyte hydrating skin at cellular level. Use child to elderly.


Daily combat Skin Damage between Facials: A topical toner treatment loaded with wide spectrum antioxidants and electrolytes delivering nutrition to support a healthy dermal texture and appearance, supporting stressed skin, promoting regeneration, a pH balance, aiding reduced inflammation. May be used to soften appearance of scars, smooth fine line appearance and effects of natural aging process on face, neck/body. Aides: tone, brightness, wrinkles, lines, circles, sun damage, use over/under make-up to set/prime, detoxifier to skin. Can use on burns, rashes, itch, entire body – head to toe! Glow/RENEW.


Hair Care Deeper Conditioning: Provides penetrating hydration to promote healthy strong hair. Rich in magnesium, Sulfur, crucial for healthy hair and nails. Great for daily use.



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