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I’m hoping this message finds Candice. Fran met her or someone from her team at Vitamin Barn in Malibu and we wanted to let you know that she absolutely loves the product you gave her. Is the best way to get the product via your website or will you be carried in Vitamin Barn in Malibu regularly or other retailers near by? Thanks so much!”
Warm Regards,
Exec Asst to Fran Drescher

HUmineral In the Wild: An Interview with Author Lynn Winchester

HUmineral loves hearing from our customers and how our products are changing lives, empowering change, and helping people live happier and healthier lives. One of our most recent customers, a well-known, bestselling romance author, Lynn Winchester wrote to us. Here are her words:

After reading much information on Humineral. I started using their product in the fall of 2018, the HUmineral Humic/Fulvic Raw Liquid Mineral, the Raw Powder Humic Pills and the Zeolite Detox/Cleanse. I already take vitamins and other supplements (I have a nutrient deficiency), so I thought, “why not try these?”

Experience taking HUmineral products?

First, I liked how easy it was to incorporate the Raw Liquid Mineral Imm Boost into my daily routine. I put two teaspoons in my coffee each morning, and I could take it and not forget it. The pills became part of my daily pill intake. I take six different meds, so adding the two pills – no big deal. After taking the supplements for two weeks, I noticed the change. I had less fatigue, more energy, I didn’t feel as bloated or blah, and…the BEST PART…I was able to quell the cold that ravagaed my entire household.

Yes, I got the cold, but, rather than getting the full blown pneumonia I usually get (and everyone else got) my body fought off the invader and I was able to function right through without missing a step. I believe, 100%, that the only reason I stayed upright that week was taking the HUmineral Humic/Fulvic Mineral and the Zeolite Detox/Cleanse. I will continue using the products absolutely. I will also recommend them to my numerous author friends who work themselves to the bone writing stories for very long hours; and they tend get sick or feel run down. I think they will benefit greatly from HUmineral products.



“Hi HUmineral!,

Excited! your capsules have helped with cold sores, strep throat, sinus and since taking the little bumps all over my body are going away. My skin feels so different!!

Rapid City, SD


“Hello HUmineral,

I want to tell you about what happened to me!

Last week I discovered some spots on the underneath side of my breasts. They are darker in color than the rest of the skin and have a different feel to them. One in particular almost felt crusty. Kind of absent mindedly I started scratching on it thinking I could just scratch it off and it would be gone. I then forgot about it.

Last weekend we were out of town for a grandchild’s birthday party, staying in a hotel room. That night when I undressed in the bathroom I was horrified to discover that the crusty brownish spot had become a sore-ish lump about the size of the tip of my little finger and it was red around it. I looked at the toiletries I’d brought with me and saw the pink label HUmineral spray. I know that minerals are alkaline and so I grabbed it and sprayed on my sore lump and then went to bed. The next morning I was amazed to see that the lump had shrunk in size to about half the size it had been the night before and all the redness was gone. I sprayed it again after my shower. That night it was even smaller. I don’t know at what point it went back to being totally flat, but it is no longer crusty feeling!

I think I have sprayed it a total of only 4 or 5 times because I forgot to a day or two. This morning the spot is still flat. I can’t tell by looking at it that anything had happened to it in the past week. I will continue using my HUmineral pink spray on it and the others (raw powdered vegetarian capsules) and am interested to see what is going to happen!

Thanks for a great product!

Marilyn H.
Poteau, Oklahoma


“Hello HUmineral,

I have been using HUmineral for several months. I am the ripe young age of 68. These minerals are powerful. I take the pills and liquid internally as well as the zeolite and can see and feel the cleansing. I feel more fed. I don’t eat food. I primarily drink all my nutrients in a blender, opening pills and crushing all my supplements to a liquid. I use the skin spray on my face, hair and hands and bottom of my feet for dry cracked heels. I could not believe the anti-aing benefits. I have been in skin care my whole life and not seen such results. It literally tightened my skin.

Beverly Hills


“Hello HUmineral,

Thank you for using my testimony, I use the spray in my hair every day, every day someone says your hair is so shiny, it’s really great product. Thank you all the information on the minerals it’s really helping me INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY.

Diana S.


“Hello HUmineral,

In my life of stunts & martial arts, my skin on my arms and legs is always getting bruised and cut!

My face is usually protected, but I also run in the hot sun for a good hour and I refuse to use any sunscreens as they cause skin cancer and a root cause of Vitamin D deficiency. So, what I see when I use my HUMineral Humic Hydration Facial/Hair/Skin Body Spray, is a quicker healing of my injuries and the skin on my face stays hydrated and soft even when I run in 100+ degree heat!!!! And it’s so quick and easy to use.

When I wash my face or get out of the shower, I dry my skin, then begin to spray my arms, legs & face.

Then I begin my day!!!!!

Dr. Spice Williams-Crosby


“Hello HUmineral,

One of my clients has breast cancer. She has chosen a complete natural approach following her lumpectomy. I had right away put her on the Veggie Humic/Fulvic caps and she is nothing short of thrilled for the immediate response that she experienced in the chronic digestive and gut related issues she had been plagued with her entire 50+ years! She will not allow herself to run low on this supplement and so I wanted to pass along to you that your hard work continues to touch and help so many even when you may not hear the testimonials first hand!

Dr. Shelley Gray, ND
Lifestyle Wellness
1460 Radcliffe Way
Auburn, CA 95603


“Hello HUmineral,

Love your products and wanted to share a testimony with you!

For many years I have had a receding hair line on either side of my head just above my temples. I could cover it up with my hair so I was the only one that knew it was there. What I noticed the other day was that my hair was filling in, and it looks like I have about six months of new growth. I was puzzled as to what may have caused this new growth? So I started to think about what I had done different the past six months. What I came up with was that I had started to mist my face twice a day with HU Minerals Hydration Spray. I had been introduced by you when you were in Los Angeles in February.

I was curious to see what exactly had made the miraculous difference. So I called my friend Dr. Carolyn Mein D.C. I gave her items to test. She came back with HU Minerals was an item that had assisted in my hair to growing back. I wanted to verify this by an outside source before going on record. Many years ago I was introduced Dr. Mein. Over the past two years I have seen many amazing results with HUmineral product. It was a miracle having my hair grow back!



“Hello HUmineral,

LifeFood Organic and HUmineral Humic Fulvic Minerals

I work at Life Food Organic and had not had a chance to try the HUmineral product. One day I was in my girlfriends car and saw the Humic Hydration Mineral Spray, I sprayed my face and hair and immediately noticed a difference and I felt energized is the only way I can explain.

Sabrina, LifeFood Organic,
Santa Monica, CA


“Hello HUmineral,

I was recently introduced to the HUmineral product in a Healthy Market in Marina Del Rey, CA, I am using the pills and the Skin Spray. Immediately I noticed energy with the pills. I am a swimmer and am loving the Skin Spray.

Marina Del Rey, CA


“Hello HUmineral,

I am 55 years old and type 2 diabetic, have a grueling schedule starting early, ending late. I use the Humic Powder Veggie Caps and the Zeolite and cant believe my ability to go, go, go. It definitely gives me energy and I sleep better, no bathroom issues. I also noticed a difference in my skin. It helped my discoloration on my skin, so I thought I would start using the Skin Spray and I do notice it is brighter, fresher or seems cleaner. Hard to explain, but I notice a difference.

Karl Erik,


“Hello HUmineral

I LOVE HUmineral’s product. I learned about the line about a couple years ago. I have taken the vegetarian capsules, Raw Liquid and use the Skin Spray everywhere. I can’t believe how much “younger” and natural my skin looks, really it is unbelievable. I use it on my hands, arms, hair, and recently started using it as a deodorant and body spray. I am extremely grateful for this product. There IS such a major difference in my skin, I really can’t believe it.

Adrienne Dale,
San Francisco, CA


“Hello HUmineral,

Regarding one of your products, Zeolite Raw + Body Boost w/Humic Mineral. I mentioned to one of my girlfriends that one of their guests looked great for her age and she said that she was taking HUmineral product. She said she didn’t know where she got it, but I could look online under HUmineral.

Los Angeles, CA


“Hi HUmineral

I had never heard of Humic Mineral until HUmineral. I took one teaspoon of the 2oz Hu-Manna Mini and felt energy immediately, not a bad taste. I have a water business and now carry HUmineral as an addition to my pH water products.

Jordan, Alka Pure Water,
Venice, CA


“Hi HUmineral,

I was introduced to HUmineral, at a store years ago. My son is a truck driver and had some cancer and other health issues. He was tired all the time. Since taking HUmineral Product (Zeolite and Humic Pills), my son has energy, health improved overall and he calls the zeolite with humic his happiness. He is able to continue driving long runs for days on the road. Even when I am out of the country I call to order this product for me and my son.

W. Phillips,
New York, Los Angeles & Trinidad


“Greetings HUmineral,

We wanted to share a video with you that we created this past week featuring Zeolite. We’re big believers in your line and recommend to our clients all the time. 🙂

Sending Warm Regards,

Timothy & Jourdan – Firm Body Evolution
West Hollywood, CA


“Hi HUmineral,

I was introduced to the Humineral line via a friend who is a medical practitioner. He introduced me for use of the Skin Spray. I started using it in my salon and applying it to my husbands hair as well as we started taking the product internally. We like the internal product and now sell it in the spa as well as the Skin Spray. The Skin Spray does wonders for the hair. I have a salon/spa and use it in my business and it not only grew my husbands hair, his original color started growing in.

HAIR By Diane Salon/Spa


“Hi HUmineral,

I stopped taking my supplements for a few weeks and I tried taking just the HUmineral product to see how good they work and my feet always ache after standing at work all day and it took the pain away. I told Michael and now he’s recommending them to a lot of patients!”

Lisa Nocera
New Jersey


“Hi HUmineral,

Was using another brand and came across this online so I ordered it. I like it much better than the previous one I was using its more concentrated!”

Lucy Martorella
Makawao, Hawaii


“Hi HUmineral,

I just LOVE your products! I’d like to reorder 2 bottles of the Skin Spritz.”

Adrienne Dale
Oakland, CA


“Hi HUmineral,

I just wanted to Thank You for the Hydration Mineral Spritz!  It is absolutely amazing!!

As I was out hiking one weekend, I somehow acquired (what was to be diagnosed as a insect bite). After weeks of trying over the counter and prescribed treatments, the wound just would not subside.

Out of desperation and for more comfort, I decided to try your Hydration Spritz on the area. I applied twice a day (morning and night). Literally in just 4 days it was gone!

Thank You Again HUmineral.”

Salvatore Grasso
Los Angeles, CA


“I cannot say enough about the kindness that was shown to me upon placing an order for this amazing product, humate humic/fulvic acid mineral.

Candace was very helpful with info regarding this product and her company. She dealt with me, not as a customer, but more like a friend would do.

I would highly recommend this company for quality products, and excellent service. I didn’t have to wait to receive my order, it was sent out to me upon my request for the product.

Thank you, Candace, you are a very caring person and couldn’t work in a better capacity in service to others.”
Doris L. Palmer
Chesterton, Indiana

“After 3 days of taking Humineral Humic/Fulvic Acid product, I noticed my energy level was up, I used to come home from work just exhausted. So tired I would fall asleep in my chair. After 3 days I would come home and do things around the house instead of napping.
After 2 weeks I noticed my hormonal hot flashes were not as bad and didn’t come as often.
I do realize that our soil has been grossly overworked in able to feed the society. I think everyone needs extra minerals to compensate what the soil has lost over the years. Thank you.”
Donna West
Buffalo, New York

“First off I would love to thank Candice and the whole HUmineral team for all that they do, I will start off with the liquid humic/fulvic acid I met Candice in California @ the Expo West. I’m in good health but I believe it can always be greater, I decided to purchase a bottle, now keep in mind I was tired from flights and lack of sleep so after i got my bottle and Candice gave me a shot the day went on and I started to feel amazing not great but amazing, so I decided to do more research and found out this was the missing link in our diet, also I have a very sensitive stomach after taking this all gone, skin ailments gone, so I said let me try this.

I workout often and when I do I drink a gallon of water so I added a ounce to my water and my workouts have never been the same since, my health has skyrocketed to a new level my children take this my dog takes it and our sugarglider and everyone of us is amazing, also Candice helped some of my family members who were not in the best of health by giving basic info as well as getting it shipped to them asap, now I can’t say exactly what they had but I will say this… a doctor told them they only had a few months to live and well HUmineral liquid/ zeolite and a healthy diet. And yes they are alive and thriving rite now and the doctor who gave her only a few months to live well he is still scratching his head.

Candice THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and may GOD continue to bless you. You are changing this world one shot at a time!”
Lawrenceville, GA


“Hi Candice! I really am so grateful to have been able to try Humineral Raw Powder Immune Boost.

Count me in as a partner. I would like to find out how to be listed on the website as a practitioner and perhaps write a blog or two for you if it makes sense.

When I took HUmineral that first day I received it I was really happy with the results. I was still having daily pain from a partially torn ligament that I’d chosen to let heal naturally. I took the HUmineral in the morning and around dinnertime that day before I realized I’d never taken my anti-inflammatory supplement. I’d never forgotten my anti-inflammatory, as pain and soreness were present when I didn’t take it. I also had plenty of energy!

Such a great product! I’ll definitely be adding it to my daily regimen and be telling my family and clients about it.

Have a Magnificent Day! You deserve it.”
Laura Mitchell, ND & Health Practitioner

“I take the Immune Boost raw liquid and have noticed a difference. I have an increase in my energy level and my joint pain has decreased. I love the Skin Spray as well, I use it in the morning on my face and in my hairline. My hair is growing so fast I love it!”
Michelle Barbee,
Oceanside, CA

“Hi Candice,

It was so nice meeting you at the Conscious Life Expo. I’m so busy with with work and yesterday with Valentine’s day so I finally sneaked a little break to write you. So far I noticed I do feel some tingling with the mineral facial spray and I’ve been mixing the green bottle RAW Liquid minerals in my smoothie every day and this week I notced I haven’t been tired or sleepy during the day so I’m liking it 🙂 Please, let me know if you will be around and maybe we can meet up. Thank you for the informative email. I’ll forward it with the products included to all my friends and family. Thank you and have a great day.”
Best regards,
Iliana Nikova
Feb 15th, 2013


“I want everyone to know what a life-saving product HUmineral is. My name is Victoria and I had been dealing with diarrhea for 3 years every day at same time, some times 11 or 12 times a day and I could not eat any real food. I had been to so many doctors and am under a doctor’s care now. Saturday in October, I went to Rainbows End Health Store, my local health food store, and a representative was there from HUmineral. When I walked in I got a shot (tablespoon) of Immune Boost Raw Liquid Humic Mineral and on the way out another… no more diarrhea two day’s later, I could not believe it!!! All because of HUmineral.

After 3 years of blood, urine and feces test with no findings, every thing normal. I am even sleeping better, unbelievable!! Could not be happier. None of the doctors, such a disappointment over the 3 years. I lost 58 lbs and I have gained back 5 lbs in last week since taking HUmineral product. I ate mostly greens. So glad I found Candice and Humineral, but I like to call it HU. The product saved my life and changed my life. I will be sharing this with my doctor and everyone and tell him to get it. He will be amazed at what it has done for me. I wish I had met Candice and this product before now, but better late than never. Doctor, after doctor, after doctor, and every test known to man, blood, urine and feces, all my test came back normal, they could not help me, but your product (HU) did. My system is finally regulating again. Thank you HUmineral and God Bless, this product has changed my life. Thank you Candice for being in the store.”
Victoria, Las Vegas, Nevada
Product located at Rainbows End
Natural Foods

“The HUmineral Bar/Antioxidant bar is fantastic! OMG …I really loved it. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was and I could feel how healthy it was in every bite. I didn’t want it to end. I’m very picky about health bars and very sensitive as well and this one really agreed with me. I wanted to get a box so I can have it every day!”
M.K. 🙂
Los Angeles, CA
“As any good Jew will tell you, the ultimate test of any bar comes with your morning coffee. I pealed off the wrapper and submerged it in my morning java… i bit into this Mineral bar from HUmineral…. a total 10, taste, texture, ingredients. Id like to order a case!”
Don Ricardo,
Malibu, CA
“My guinea pig was so ill and I had him on antibiotics, I thought well if these minerals are good for me, maybe they can help my pet. I broke the veggie cap apart and put in his food. 3 days later, all better. Thank you for sharing this awesome product with me.”
Downers Grove, IL
“I was in Erewhon Natural Markets, asking for a good mineral supplement and HUmineral’s Immune Boost Liquid Mineral was referred to me. My body thanks you & I have referred to several others.”
D. Le Blanc,
Studio City , CA

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Tyler, Exec Asst to Fran Drescher

"I’m hoping this message finds Candice. Fran met her or someone from her team at Vitamin Barn in Malibu and we wanted to let you know that she absolutely loves..." Read more >>

Doris L. Palmer, Chesterton, IN

"I cannot say enough about the kindness that was shown to me upon placing an order for this amazing product, humate humic/fulvic acid mineral...." Read more >>


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