Candice’s Corner – HUmic Acid MINERAL?

To simplify, we are familiar with eating strawberries, broccoli, carrots, leafy greens, and beets. If we were to eat that beautiful green leaf atop the strawberry or eat the roots of beets, the stems of those delicious greens in our salads …..we would be munching on HUmic MINERAL, which is created by HUmates. HUmic Mineral is […]

HUmineral HEALTHY SHARE | Marguerite Nestruk

ReUse + ReCycle + ReDuce We continue as promised with more healthy lessons from FARM favorite, Marguerite! In our last HUmineral Healthy Share, we got to learn more about at Bio-Dynamic Farming and we shared a bit about Marquerite Nesteruk. We visit more here with Marguerite to learn how you may have your own garden […]