Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Candice’s Corner: Branch or Barrier?



HUmineral Candices Corner Cellular Health are you a branch or a barrier

Are you a BRANCH or BARRIER?

Branch:  grows from the trunk or from a bough. It can divide into one or more subdivisions working in conjunction with and as an aid to its environment; is a tributary and allows for extension, expansion, creativity, growth, new directions.

Barrier: an obstacle impeding access, circumstance, communication, movement and forward progress; whether tangible or intangible; a hindrance to positive outcomes.

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We dive into the many areas of healthy benefits of HUmic Acid Mineralreported by Dr. Josh Axe

Life Changing Benefits and Uses of HUmic/Fulvic Acid MINERAL.

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Eat From The Heart

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