Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Candice’s Corner – Why Firm Body Evolution SPA


HUmineral Immune Boost Cellular Health - Candice Corner - No matter the vessel, whatever the path, you are here with purpose
No matter the vessel, whatever the path, you are here with purpose.

Zeolite Whole Body Detox ZEOLITE RAW HUmineralFBE’s high-tech “Space Age” fitness + detox equipment, along with their friendly, professional and private attention, did make a difference … in a good way, after my first visit, and each visit proves to be the same! Their Vibration Machines maximize body movement and deliver low-impact core and supportive muscle results, delivering oxidation to cells, (and if you are a follower of HUmineral’s mission, you know we are all about cellular health – HEALTHY CELLS = HEALTHY BODY), and a firm, toned look like no other. They also offer Lymphatic Compression Massage Suit therapy, which helps to increase the flow of lymph and eliminate fat + toxins. One of my favorite services along with their Infrared Sauna pods – lined with jade stones. Each pod is set up for you ready to go with toweled linens – providing the highest-quality personal hygiene experience alongside unencumbered plush comfort. At the end of my workouts, I love sweating out toxins for 30-40 minutes, while relaxing in the Infrared pod while listening to  the tranquil music and looking at the peaceful decor). I always leave wanting more!

I will point out, FBE SPA offers a unique difference with their Infrared Sauna that separates them from the rest: each pod provides a “dual-detox” using Far and Near Infrared therapy.

In a typical walk-in sauna, your entire body enters as a whole – making it very hot for your body and head (can also be very dehydrating for our hair) – and less likely for you to achieve required health results because you become overheated. You also sweat more “water” weight in conventional saunas, rather than detoxing on a cellular level. With FBE’s Infrared Saunas, your head is outside the pod for easy breathing and relaxation, allowing you the required time to get healthy benefits. Your body is also able to heat up from the inside out (core), allowing you to “work out” in the sauna and sweat out toxins on a deeper level. We yogi’s know our CORE is paramount!

Whatever your goal may be: managing your weight to see a proven and visible difference, learning more about nutrition to leave the “diet” affect of health and fitness behind, reach a higher level of  fitness/health, or trying out a unique spa with unique equipment — where uninterrupted service, privacy, and a personal touch are the norm, delivered with calmness and peace from start to finish — FBE Spa delivers. I even got cranberry drops in my alkaline water, after my infrared spa treatment! HUmineral Raw powder capsules - Hu-Manna mineral drink - skinspray healthy cellular health spritz

HUmineral Immune Boost Cellular Health Healthy Share Firm Body Evolution SPA 2There is no barrier to Firm Body Evolution’s service. Whether you are a beginner, seasoned fitness trainer, teen, pregnant mom, over worked professional, TV personality, professional athlete or elderly… FBE SPA will assist you with the right “fitness equation” for any age and fitness level. FBE’s goal is to educate and inspire one to better health and your personal best, which in line with HUmineral’s mission.

Firm Body Evolution (FBE Spa)
A Unique, Holistic Wellness Experience

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