Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Ski Slopes: A Season of White, Fresh, Crisp … and Twist, Turns and Jumps, Awaits

Well, the tables are clear, the guests are gone, the holidaze and season are behind. Time to get back to and down to business. Healthy LIVEstyle! How about enjoying an exhilarating descent down a snowy mountain or a leisurely ski stroll through a winter wonderland of snowy, forested fields with beautiful scenery for some downhill […]

Is Your Desk Job Keeping You Stagnant? Healthy Requires Proper Blood Flow!

desk exercise with dumbbells

How many hours are you working daily? Too many! It doesn’t matter if you’re a home-based entrepreneur, work corporate remotely, or a 9-5er. Many jobs require long hours behind a desk, where you’re stuck staring at a screen, hunched over paperwork, straining your neck, back, hips, and eyes. In other scenarios, you’re sitting in a […]