Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Combating Memory Loss


Memory loss effects everyone, no matter 80 or 25, and in some cases, genetics play a part.

Mother Earth: Provides Mineral Nutrients

From minerals we are made and so it makes complete sense that we need minerals (and water) to live. Millions lack the mineral nutrients necessary to sustain a healthy body and mental functions. The human body requires many minerals; iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and traces of other minerals to function at healthy capacity. When we don’t get what we need, we can feel sluggish, have issues with focus, concentration and memory, and are susceptible to a host of illness and mental fatigue. To stay healthy and give our body what it needs to stay revved up and at full throttle; exercise, a diet of nutrient rich foods and mineral supplementation is an ideal daily regimen.
HUmineral’s Zeolite and Humic/Fulvic Mineral nutrient Raw Powder Vegetarian capsules and Raw Liquid supplements provide you with more than 80 minerals — and the body knows exactly how to use these organic mineral nutrients. Completely plant -based, USA product, non-GMO, gluten, sugar, wheat, fat, nut, dairy and soy free!

The Mission is Health

Candice workout HUAccording to Dr. Michael Rozien on “…the memory decline actually starts…in your mid 20s. It’s not uncommon to see effects in your 30s and many more in your 40s.”

That means no adult is safe from memory loss — but you can combat memory loss by taking simple steps to increase daily “brain exercise.” 

In the information age with so much of our work and personal information available through electronics, more people are taking advantage of the decreased need to memorize important information … this is a problem. When we don’t exercise our “brain muscles” we begin to lose the ability to remember simple things. And don’t think this can only happen to the elderly!

Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to help combat memory loss.

Adding 70 minutes of moderate exercise to your weekly routine can help keep your brain in tip-top shape. Aerobic activity helps keep the blood flowing, keeps the mind alert and happy. If you can’t get 70 minutes of exercise in per week, try brisk 10-minute walks (perhaps with 2, 5 or 10lb weights in hand), or play basketball or tennis if you need a motivation partner.

Not only does exercise help keep your brain and body healthy, so does good supplementation. HUmic Mineral nutrient supplement provides a plethora of mineral nutrients that improves gut health, including: trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids, silica (which boosts collagen synthesis), prebiotics and probiotics. These minerals help nourish the digestive tract and also boost the ability of “good bacteria” to repopulate and form a healthy “microbiome” environment.

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