Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

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With summer in full swing we continue our HU-Healthy series highlighting Dr. Josh Axe’s top seven reasons why to use HUmic Acid MINERAL.HUmineralize your summer and detox with Zeolite Humic fulvic acid

In the last few HU Healthy Shares, we learned how HUmic Acid MINERAL is good for digestion, a good gut, collagen and improving energy. This month we look at DETOXIFICATION with HUmic Acid MINERAL and Zeolite Detox.

Within the environment, HUmic/fulvic Acid MINERAL is found not only in soil and rocks, but also streams, lakes and ocean water. HUmic Acids form complexes with ions that are commonly found in the environment, creating tight HUmic colloid bonds that help with water filtering, agriculture processes and detoxification. The presence of carboxylate and phenolates within HUmic Acids gives them the ability to act like natural chelators, which means they form chemical complexes that are important for regulating bioavailability of metal ions like iron, calcium, magnesium and copper within the human body and environment.

Studies have found that HUmic Acids have ion-selective electrodes that can be used for attracting heavy metals – even for filtering soils and water because they help bind to things like copper and iron. Research shows they’re even effective at geochemical processing of soils and aquatic environments at much lower concentrations than other types of compounds.


Chelation therapy is considered an alternative medicine for removing “heavy metals” and toxins from the body.

Why would someone experience heavy metal toxicity? Heavy metals are more common than you think. If you have mercury fillings in your teeth, been vaccinated to prevent various diseases, eat farm-raised fish, consume foods that are grown in foreign countries (like China) that  are not organic, been treated with radiation or chemotherapy treatments, in essence if you are breathing, you’re likely experiencing some heavy metal toxicity.

Chelation therapy involves a chemical solution called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), which is administered into the body – usually directly injected into the bloodstream – so it can bind with excess minerals. Once bound to “toxins” in the body, EDTA helps detox the body, by removing toxins before imbalances and illnesses can develop.

Why ZEOLITE w/HUmic Mineral?Zeolite Whole Body Detox ZEOLITE RAW HUmineral

The Uncomplicated Daily Cleanse (no restroom issues, no diet changes, no mixing, no measuring). HUmineral Raw Liquid ZEOLITE Daily DETOX/CLEANSE, volcanic ash, forms a molecular trap that has the ability to selectively sort molecules, based on size. It is particularly well suited to capture inorganic metal ions in its lattice work structure. Zeolites have been used in industry, animal husbandry and human nutrition for decades due to this quality.

Extra Benefit: A daily detox that allows you to stay dedicated to your daily activities, without monitoring/substituting diets or restroom locale. Children to adult.

What does ZEOLITE do for the body?

The body, under normal conditions, picks up through food, the environment and various other sources of contamination, heavy metals that are not in an organic form which can be assimilated and/or excreted by the body. These metals can have toxic effects and may act as destructive free radicals. Zeolite has been shown to capture and help eliminate these inorganic metal ions through the body’s normal detoxification process.

HUmineral ZEOLITE – A Dual Benefit!

HUmineral Raw Liquid ZEOLITE is a combination product. While supplying Zeolite to help remove potentially toxic metal ions from the body, it also contains HUmates supplying some 80 MAJOR & Trace Organic MINERALS in organic form which replenish necessary minerals to the cell, restoring balance the body.

Detox – Cleanse – Energy – Focus – Stamina
Healthy pH – Healthy Thyroid – Healthy Joint/Muscle 
Healthy Skin/Hair/Nails


Environ Sci Technol. 2005 Jul 15;39(14):5319-26.

Effect of HUmic and fulvic acid concentrations and ionic strength on copper and lead binding.

Christl I1, Metzger A, Heidmann I, Kretzschmar R.

  • 1Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Grabenstrasse 3, CH-8952 Schlieren, Switzerland.


We investigated the influence of humic and fulvic acid concentration (in the range of 1-1000 mg/L) on the binding of the two trace metals Cu(II) and Pb(II). The ability of the non-ideal competitive adsorption (NICA)-Donnan model to correctly predict Cu and Pb binding at low humic or fulvic acid concentration and lower ionic strength (0.01 M NaNO3), based on model parameters obtained from experiments conducted at high humic or fulvic acid concentrations (approximately 1000 mg/L) and higher ionic strength (0.1 M NaNO3), was tested. The binding of Cu and Pb to humic and fulvic acid in 0.01 M NaNO3 was determined over wide ranges in proton and metal ion activities using three different methods: ligand exchange-adsorptive differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetry at low humic or fulvic acid concentrations (1-3 mg/L), differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry at intermediate humic or fulvic acid concentrations (10-20 mg/L), and ion-selective electrodes at high humic or fulvic acid concentrations (approximately 1000 mg/L). The results demonstrate that binding isotherms for Cu and Pb can be measured at low humic or fulvic acid concentration using suitable voltammetric techniques. The binding isotherms for Cu and Pb to humic and fulvic acid obtained at constant pH values in the range of pH 4-8 are shown to be independent of humic and fulvic acid concentration. The NICA-Donnan model, calibrated for Cu and Pb binding using data measured at high humic and fulvic acid concentrations and an ionic strength of 0.1 M, accurately predicts Cu and Pb binding at low humic and fulvic acid concentrations and lower ionic strength (0.01 M). We conclude that NICA-Donnan parameters obtained by fitting experimental data measured with ion-selective electrodes at high humic or fulvic acid concentrations can be used for geochemical modeling of soils and aquatic environments with much lower concentrations of humic or fulvic acids.

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HUmineral Water Minerals LIFE

Healthy Muscle/Joints
Healthy pH
Healthy Thyroid
Internal Support: Hair/Skin Glow/Nails


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