Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

How Does Your Body Repair Itself When We Sleep




Why Do We Sleep?

Sleep is a universal phenomenon. The average human spends about a third of a lifetime sleeping. However, the scientific community has still not reached an agreement about why we need sleep. One theory proposes that by being inactive during sleep our cells decrease energy consumption and metabolism, which was evolutionarily desirable during the night when there were not many chances to search for food. At the same time, inactivity reduced chances of being attacked by other predators. More recent neuroscience studies suggest that while we sleep, our brain changes itself. Some connections (also known as synapses) between our brain cells (neurons) become stronger, while others become weaker. This process is called neuroplasticity and is essential for our memory and learning but forgetting as well. The last theory is known as the restorative theory of sleep.

The Restorative Theory of Sleep.

We can all agree that we feel much better and refreshed after a good night of sleep. This theory provides a scientific explanation of that special feeling. Our body literally heals and renews itself while we sleep. The evidence for this came from both animal and human studies. Majority of restorative functions in the body occur while we are not awake – muscle growth, tissue repair, growth hormone release, synthesis of molecules that are essential for proper functioning of our cells all happen dominantly, or in some cases even exclusively during sleep. After a good sleep, neurons in our brain replenish their energy, which improves our mental performance, mood, mental health and much more.

Our metabolic health also improves with good sleep. To be more specific, people who sleep 8 hours per night are much less likely to develop diabetes compared to people who sleep 6 hours. People with poor sleep hygiene (short and inconsistent sleep) have elevated levels of stress hormones and are more likely to suffer from chronic stress. Moreover, immune cells which are regularly produced in our body are more successful in dealing with bacteria and viruses when we get enough sleep. In contrast, when we are sleep deprived, we are more likely to suffer from an infection. Therefore, having healthy immune cells directly translates to a healthy body and HUmineral Immune Boost can have a significant effect on our immune system! Even the body’s largest organ – skin – benefits from a good sleep schedule. The skin changes constantly, it takes approximately 27 days for the skin to renew itself with new cells. This process is more efficient with proper sleep, as the skin heals faster, shows less signs of aging, and is more resilient to ultraviolet rays. You can additionally enhance this process of regeneration with Humic Hydration Mineral Skin Spray which is loaded with wide spectrum antioxidants and electrolytes! Our product supports regeneration of stressed skin and promotes a healthy pH balance and reduces inflammation.

Even more striking are the consequences of prolonged periods of no sleep, also known as sleep deprivation. When we shorten our sleep, our mental performance significantly decreases: attention span shortens, alertness, memory, and concentration are all reduced, reaction time is slower, we have poorer judgment in day-to-day situations. Reduced sleep can also make you moody and quick-tempered, while chronic sleep deprivation may even lead to anxiety and depression. This is all a direct consequence of poor replenishment of energy resources for neurons. But the brain is not the only affected organ. People who sleep less have higher values of blood pressure and blood glucose which long-term increases the risk for diabetes. As previously mentioned, the immune system also suffers, and you are more prone to getting sick.

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How Do We Improve Our Sleep?

So now that you are aware of the benefits of a good sleep hygiene and the consequences of insufficient sleep, here are some tips and tricks to feel fresh every morning and ready to seize the day. Be consistent with the time that you go to bed every night and the time that you get up, even on weekends. Block out any distracting noise and eliminate as much light as possible. Find a comfortable sleeping temperature, your room should be cool but not too cold. Avoid heavy meals before sleep. There are also supplements that you can take which can drastically improve your sleep.

Naturally occurring compounds HUmic and Fulvic acid, which are contained in and the main ingredient in HUmineral products, are promising ingredients for sleep improvement. Individuals who consume these products report increased energy during the day and better sleep during the night. These compounds promote hydration of our cells which promotes regular functioning and signaling inside those cells. 

This is extremely important for cells in our brain which dictate our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm directs us when we should sleep and when to wake up. If those cells do not work properly, our sleep simply gets worse. Amazingly, besides improving sleep, the benefits of HUmineral products do not stop here! Consuming HUmineral products strengthens your immune system, improves your mental health and cognitive performance, as well as regenerates your skin and hair!

Reference: Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker PhD

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