Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

HUmineral Healthy Share – HUMIC HYDRATION



HUmineral Healthy Share - HUMIC HYDRATION WATER, a necessity. MINERALS, a necessity
WATER, a necessity. MINERALS, a necessity.


Collagen Health I Absorption
Hydrate I Nourish

Collagen – an abundant substance in the body, along with water.

Hydration and oxidation – Our body’s collagen production peaks around 30ish years of age. The aging process begins and we start to notice dull/grayish and/or dry patchy and spotty skin, some wrinkles, acne and other skin blemishes that we never had before. And of course the other physical bodily aging signs, partly due to declining collagen levels that decrease the body’s fluid moisture levels. Slathering on external non-transdermal “beauty” based anti-aging products won’t help long term or internally. Hydrating and nourishing our cells internally will. This is where it’s most important. If our cells are feed, hydrated and healthy, our bodies are healthier. We all must age to  benefit seeing our families, children, businesses grow, to travel and enjoy the many other joys awaiting us as we evolve and move (age) through life. These are all good reasons to age and to help ourselves age HEALTHY. Here at HUmineral we get cellular with health and we don’t believe in anti-aging. We believe in HEALTHY AGING at every stage of life …. 6 to 126, wherever you may fall!

Humic mineral allows absorption. It carries nutrients to the body, nourishing  and hydrating the body and cells, absorbing only what the body can use.

We drink water and believe that we are hydrating. If we are not getting cellular, with a carrier to the cell, we are not best assisting the body to HEALTHY long-term aging.

We need our bodies to maintain healthy hydration levels. Collagen and water are friends.  Collagen is located everywhere in the body. It assists water storage within the body and aides fluidity and also hydrates tissue. Water is needed for hydration so collagen can be absorbed, humic mineral aids this absorption, a key carrier component. Also be mindful, healthy weight management is crucial for health and hydration. Body fat lowers ability for absorption.

Dehydration in the body can lead to long term systemic issues; cognitive memory function, inflammation, joint pain issuSkinSpray-HUmineral HUMIC FULVIC ACID MINERALSes, lack of mobility and flexibility. Once we experience joint/bone pain issues, we become more susceptible to injuries to our hips, knees, hands and even back issues.

Humic mineral aids reduced inflammation in the body, while supporting healthy detox, energy, focus, pH balance, enzyme, muscle/joint and thyroid function. It provides every mineral the body requires, delivering poly-phenols (antioxidants), and life giving electrolytes.

Oxidation – the addition of oxygen to a molecule or the removal of hydrogen from a molecule. (Oxidising agents give oxygen to another substance or remove hydrogen from it).

Reduction – the addition of hydrogen to a molecule or the removal of oxygen from a molecule. (Reducing agents remove oxygen from another substance or give hydrogen to it).
M.u.s.i.c – Pursue your Healthy Beat
State To State Band
Music has brought individuals together for centuries. Whether in the living rooms and basements (if you are an east coast or mid westerner) of our homes or one of our nations many concert venue halls world wide. Music can be calming, healing, motivating, thought provoking, uplifting …no matter the genre, everyone can find their beat. And lets not forget dancing to music is not only fun but a great form of workout. Thus the surge in zumba, merengue, ballet, ballroom and other dance styles offered in studios and fitness establishments.

I am always incredibly filled with joy when I get to experience a persons deepest genuine passion and talent, and get to see them actually pursuing it. Some, so unassumingly but daily and passionately. This was Andrew Orvis, Health Nutritionist Manager at Rainbow Acres in Culver City, CA. I had no idea he was a musician, he has always been extremley health focused in our communications over the years. In a recent visit and interview with Andrew, he shared his “other side” (which we all have, and are hopefully tapping into or will, sooner than later). Andrew first became involved in nutrition while attending music school in Boston (Berkeley School of Music). He needed a position to get him through school and started working at the local Whole Foods, where he eventually ended up in the Nutrition Department. After which he worked for an established Supplement Manufacturer as a consultant and educator before landing is current Health Nutritionist post at Rainbow Acres in Culver City, CA. In addition to Andrews holistic skills, he is one of the founding members of State To State Band.State To State Band

You may peruse the following links for more information on State To State;

Since releasing their first LP, No Bounds, in 2014, State to State have established themselves as flag bearers of atmospheric rock, while looking to create a new path for themselves in a landscape forged by bands like Muse, Radiohead and Interpol. On limited tours of the west coast, they brought a stadium-sized sound into smaller venues and left audiences from San Diego to Seattle, converts to the cause. In addition to recent residencies at The Hotel Cafe and The Viper Room, out of Los Angeles, CA and outdoor events like Eat See Hear & Showtime’s Street Food Cinema, they are busy enlisting new recruits at venues throughout the southwest and beyond. The dynamic landscape of ambient guitar textures, anthemic riffs, and haunting melodies from vocalist/guitarist Shea Stratton, and guitarist, Andrew Orvis, is well navigated by the authoritative rhythm section of drummer, Feudor Lokshin, and bassist, Patrick Morgan.

“My Little Phony” is the first single off of their forthcoming EP, Motives, which was produced and recorded by Grammy-nominated Producer/Engineer, Ian MacGregor (Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots, All-American Rejects, Ariana Grande) at Greg Wells’ Rocket Carousel Studio in Culver City, CA. Motives will be available digitally and physically on Feb. 5th, 2016. With tour dates in the works throughout 2016, they have their eyes set on the rest of the country.
State to State Band participated in a crowd-funding campaign for their new EP that releases on Feb 5th, so the public could pre-order the new record, purchase T-shirts and other merchandise to help them fund the making of the record. State To State donated 10% of the funds earned beyond their goal, to Musicians on Call” – a charity that provides live music to the bedsides of hospital patients that would not have access otherwise. Talented and caring, we love this at HUmineral.

Stay tuned and in touch for more HU-Healthy Shares, information on our “Eat from the Heart” program with Humineral fitness training specialist and dietician Valerie Rutherford, and Hu-Healthy tips and products for healthy lifestyle (nutrition, travel, fitness, music and more),  every area for every body. And the beat goes on …….

Candice’s Corner – Always On The Move

Candice’s Corner - HUmic Health Cellular – Always On The Move
Candice’s Corner BFF - HUmic Health Cellular – Always On The Move
Celebrate – Enjoy – Laugh – Share
HEALTHY is a lifestyle and multifaceted.
Graceful, healthy aging involves;
progressive movement
looking forward with hope and
a purpose, separate of ourselves.


Stay Active I Keep Learning
Seek and Live Your Purpose
(Mentally and Physically)

Celebrating BFF Kellie’s, move to Utah, Park City ski slopes… here we come!

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HUmineral Zeolite
Humineral Zeolite Detox Electrolite ANTIOXIDANTS and ELECTROLYTES
Humineral Zeolite Detox pH Balance Joint Muscle Thyroid function
HUmineral line Not just another supplement humic health

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