Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

HUmineral Healthy Share: HUmic MINERAL – Digestion & Nutrient Absorption



Life Changing Benefits/Uses of HUmic/Fulvic Acid MINERAL (reported by Dr. Josh Axe)

HUmineral Health MINERAL nutrients are in the LEAF and throughout the plant
MINERAL nutrients are in the LEAF and throughout the plant.

In our last HU Healthy Share, we dealt with Gut Health and Immune Function and how Humic/Fulvic acids contain a plethora of nutrients that improve gut health, including: major and trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids, silica (which boosts collagen synthesis), prebiotics and probiotics. These help nourish the digestive tract and also boost the ability of “good bacteria” to repopulate and form a healthy “microbiome” environment. Maintaining a healthy intestinal tract is critical for avoiding digestive problems.

We continue our mission of “healthy at ALL stages”, through nutrition; specifically the power of HUMIC MINERAL nutrition. PLANTS ARE FOOD – Humic MINERAL is a FOOD in supplement form, nourishing and hydrating. HUmineral product is 100% chemical free, non-ingredient diluted, USA product, vegan, gluten, dairy, soy and SUGAR free and non-GMO.

This month we bring you information from Dr. Josh Axe on his reports on Digestion and Nutrient Absorption and the associated health benefits of HUmic/Fulvic Acid MINERAL.

Boost Digestion and Nutrient AbsorptionHumineral Benefits Humic fulvic acid minerals digestion nutrient absorbtion

Acquiring enough electrolytes and other trace minerals is important for proper metabolic functions, digestive health and nutrient assimilation. HUmic Acid supplies both MAJOR and Trace plant-based mineral. Organisms we obtain from humic/fulvic acid can be taken in small doses and still cause fast, significant improvements in the ratio of bacteria living in the gut, helping lower many unwanted digestive symptoms like constipation, bloating, diarrhea and food sensitivities. Constipation is slower than normal movement of food waste through the digestive tract. Generally accompanied by a variety of symptoms such as bloating, gas, back pain, fatigue.

Besides providing raw nutrients, humic/fulvic acid transports minerals and other nutrients to cells more effectively, boosts absorption rate of nutrients by making cells more permeable, and fights inflammation within the digestive organs.

Another benefit of taking humic/fulvic acid as a supplement is that it helps restore the body’s optimal pH level. The minerals in Humic/Fulvic Acid MINERAL are used by the body to maintain the proper pH balance so the body does not become too acidic. Humic Acids may also be able to help prevent long-term illnesses from developing and improve defense against harmful bacteria, fungus, yeast and other organisms.

We need a strong digestive system to build immunity, help control hormone production, regulate our appetite, reduce our stress response and much more.


HUmineral Humic Acid Mineral products are 100% RAW, Chemical free (no chemical washing or stripping), undiluted, USA product. Vegan, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nut, Wheat, Sugar FREE, and non-GMO. Available: Liquid, Vegetarian Capsule and a Face/Skin/Hair Body SKIN SPRAY for all ages. We also carry ZEOLITE raw liquid w/HUmic added (a dual product).HUmineral Zeolite raw liquid humic added detox and mineralization drops

When the body metabolizes food (especially proteins) it tends to go acidic. Minerals are what keep the body in the proper pH balance. The major minerals that do the work are calcium and magnesium (which is why older people tend to get osteoporosis – because their bones are stripped trying to keep their body in pH balance). HUmineral non ingredient diluted Humic products carries both these minerals and understands how the body needs to use them.

pH – Unhealthy pH is an imbalance of acidity and alkalinity that allows unhealthy organisms to flourish, damages tissues and organs and compromises the immune system.

Constipation – The main and most common causes for constipation are a potassium deficiency, and low fiber and water diet.  Magnesium is needed to retain potassium so taking magnesium (or Humic Acid which has a complete MINERAL table) will solve both, a magnesium and potassium deficiency because you’ll start to retain the potassium you get from your food. Also contributing factors of constipation: stress, inactivity, certain medications, an imbalance in intestinal flora, thyroid problems.

STAY TUNED for a Candice’s Corner coming soon!

HUmineral™ is committed to delivering consumers information and quality products that are from organic, natural and chemical-free sources in the form of whole foods and whole food supplements.

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