Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

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HUmineral Immune Boost Cellular Health ReUse + ReCycle + ReDuce Healthy Share

ReUse + ReCycle + ReDuce

ReUse + ReCycle + ReDuce HUmineral Immune Boost Cellular Health
We continue as promised with more healthy lessons from FARM favorite, Marguerite!

In our last HUmineral Healthy Share, we got to learn more about at Bio-Dynamic Farming and we shared a bit about Marquerite Nesteruk. We visit more here with Marguerite to learn how you may have your own garden area; back yard, window sill or deck style, farm to table fresh healthy favorites, packed full of HUmates (MINERALs).

Lets learn and grow ….

Marguerite Nestruk

Marguerite Nestruk HUmineral Immune Boost Cellular Health Humic FulvicWho is Marguerite Nesteruk?

A School Garden & Compost Coordinator, Environmental Educator, Kids Nutritional Chef Instructor, Urban Farmer & Reiki Master.  Marguerite began her journey as an Interior Design/Fashion Merchandising & Marketing professional, graduating from Parsons School of Design in NYC. After earning her degree, she moved to New Zealand on a one year work-holiday visa.  It was in New Zealand where she discovered a deeper love for plants & nature. Marguerite worked as an herb producer, in the vineyards, volunteered on farms, and worked at hostels amongst other odd jobs.

Upon her arrival back to New York, Marguerite worked for retailer Anthropologie, as the Assistant Visual Merchandiser & Display Coordinator.  She quickly realized the work and materials for these displays had a short window life span, with most displays & materials ending up at a landfill. It was then that Marguerite decided to put her inately natural spirit toward a process that would help be purposeful for the future of the environment.

In 2009, Marguerite moved from Long Island, NY to Catalina Island, where she worked as an Environmental Educator turned Garden & Compost Coordinator for Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP).  Her passion for the environment & plants grew deeper roots, while educating the youth on how to be better stewards of the environment.

Three years later, she moved back to New York to pursue a career as a School Garden Coordinator for Slow Food.  Her work for Slow Foods East End Chapter had her working with six different schools ranging from PreK-12th grade on sustainable gardening.  She was also a contributor to the ‘Delicious, Nutritious Food Book’ with Edible School Gardens. The book provides food education, recipes & tips for children to learn & be more involved in the kitchen at home.  You may purchase or view the book in PDF format here:   100% of the proceeds go to supporting school gardens on the east end of Long Island, NY.

Marguerite Nestruk HUmineral Immune Boost Cellular HealthLucky for us west coasters, Marguerite now resides in Los Angeles as an Urban Farmer (vegetable gardener) for a large scale client in Malibu & is working for One Gun Ranch  Biodynamic) tending to their medicinal garden, designing farm boxes & drying plants for teas. AWESOME! We LOVE this and got to experience this amazing and beautiful work on our visit to One Gun Ranch. We also got to taste the delicious GREENS. You can too, by visiting Erewhon Natural Markets, Vintage Organic Market, Pacific Coast Greens and OLLO Restaurant, all located in Malibu, CA.

In 2012, Marguerite received certification as a Reiki Master, in Permaculture Design, Life Labs ‘Creating & Sustaining Your School Garden, & is a recent UCCE Master Gardener of LA graduate.  She also holds various certifications from the ‘National Farm To School Network’ with a focus on school gardens.

A personal goal for Marguerite is to be a School Garden To Kitchen Teacher at a Waldorf, Montessori or Private School. Ultimately, in a few years down the road, Marguerite would like to run her own business integrating her love for plants, art, education and the spiritual world.

Marguerite Nestruk and HUmineral Immune Boost Cellular HealthMarguerite is happy to provide an array of different services that involve health, healing and education, which encompasses HUmineral’s mission. Marguerite will work with families to provide children and parents a “Farm-To-Table” experience, &/or design plans for home vegetable gardens.  Additionally, Marguerite provides a unique service to gardens or farms giving Reiki & Sound Healing to the plants and land.  This is a service based on Everything is ENERGY, and all in the Universe vibrates…right down to our CELLS!  Sound Vibrational Energy is using sound waves to create a healing environment.  Just as when you throw a stone in a river & the water ripples out, so do sound waves as they travel and communicate with the plants and soil.  The sound energy will travel to the areas that may need healing or nourishment, essentially providing an optimal environment for plants to grow sustainably.

Lastly, Marguerite is extending her Reiki & Sound Healing to Bee Apiary’s, due to colony collapse disorder.  Providing Reiki & Sound Healing is one positive way to strengthen the colony against viruses. This service is a new endeavor for Marguerite. She believes this process can only benefit Bees & help them strengthen their immune system against viruses & toxic chemicals.  This service would be performed when Bees are at the hive so the healing vibration is effective for the full colony. Marguerite hopes to continue finding ways to help contribute to the healing environment of Bees.  After all, if it wasn’t for the bees, most of our produce, and much more would not exist.    

You may contact Marguerite at:

Phone: (631) 848-6137

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