Swallowing Mercury at Dentist appt weakened my body & left it bedridden and wheelchair bound. Arm movements taxed my heart so much that I couldn’t bathe or wash my hair. More than once I didn’t have the strength to move my arms. So to prevent collapsing, I learned to move my arms & legs slowly … picture a Sloth moving appendages slowly. The first time I tried HUminerals HUmic/Fulvic Raw Food veggie cap and liquid minerals, I was shocked to see & feel an incredible burst of energy! I was standing at the sink, SLOWLY washing out a bowl at SLOTH speed, when suddenly my hand started RACING around the bowl like a spining tornado!! It was like a race car injected with nitro!!! It was awesome!! As I watched my hand, I wondered what was happening and tried to slow it down so as not to get exhausted but I had so much energy, I couldn’t! So I had other people try it to see their results! They also noticed increased energy within seconds!! MORE RESULTS Last week I upped my daily dose My NAILS GREW longer! My ANKLE quit hurting! And my KNEECAP seemed to REALIGN & CONNECT stronger !!! Praise God for a Complete HUmic/Fulvic formula created as nature intended !! Unadulterated by man!