Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Is Your Desk Job Keeping You Stagnant? Healthy Requires Proper Blood Flow!

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How many hours are you working daily? Too many! It doesn’t matter if you’re a home-based entrepreneur, work corporate remotely, or a 9-5er. Many jobs require long hours behind a desk, where you’re stuck staring at a screen, hunched over paperwork, straining your neck, back, hips, and eyes. In other scenarios, you’re sitting in a car with tense shoulders, squinting through strained eyes from sun or other weather conditions. Perhaps, you are on your sofas with laptops resting on your lap, or working at a dining table, which also isn’t ideal for proper workspace. Your “home office” hour upon hour, day after day, is leaving you physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the week. Your desk job is keeping you stagnant and ruining your health.

Does it have to be this way? Especially since all that time behind the “desk” and in front of the screen isn’t good for your overall health. Sitting in the same position, unhealthy snacking at desks and on breaks, and not taking enough breaks can seriously diminish your physical and mental health. This year, HUmineral is bringing you healthier changes to move your BLOOD! Healthy BLOOD = Healthy Body.

How Do Desk Jobs Ruin Your Health

Sitting in one position for a long time puts unnecessary strain on your muscles, nerves, and your blood vessel flow. Office workers complain that desk jobs lead to:

  • carpal tunnel
  • back pain
  • shoulder and neck strain
  • tingling and shooting pains in extremities
  • and even numbness brought on by pinched nerves and lack of proper blood flow

Now, consider this … all that pain and strain and numbness can lead to mental anguish, exhaustion, frustration, and even depression. Your body was built for movement, not stagnation. This is why we have two feet to carry us. Could it be that we’re not meant to be in once place for long?

So, what can you do to remain healthy at a desk job?

Take Breaks to Stay Healthy

Employers in the United States should be offering full-time employees at least two ten to fifteen-minute breaks, and one lunch break. Unfortunately, busy people, short on time, rarely take their lunch breaks. You must!

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When it’s time for a break, push your desk away, get up, and move. Do 10-jumping jacks or hold on your desk or chair and perform 10 leg lifts.

Remember – movement is good and is essential to good health.

You know our motto here at HUmineral is daily movement; it’s part of our HU-Healthy LIVEstyle. At work, even if all you do is stand up, you can stretch to get blood flowing through your body. Give those back, neck, and shoulder muscles a break, too.

Take a stroll around the office or—better yet—take a walk outside, find a park or a parking lot. Inhale and exhale some fresh air. Raise your arms above your head (this increases oxygen). Raise your heart rate. Give your body the movement it needs to function at its best.

Your Desk Job is Keeping You Stagnant: Move More Often

woman working in front of a standing desk with left knee on medicane ball to acoid a desk job is keeping you stagnant and ruining your health.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you come back to your desk and sit like a statue at your desk. There are a few active exercises you can easily do at your desk while still being productive.

Leg Extensions

While you’re sitting, slowly lift your leg out straight, hold it, then slowly place it back on the floor. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat for 10-12 reps. This helps strengthen your core and legs while also promoting blood flow to your legs and feet.

Bicep Curls and Tricep Extensions

If you’re in a video meeting or working on a project that doesn’t require your hands or for you to be visible, you can use your water bottle (or 2-5lb weights) to do bicep/triceps curls. Hold the bottle (weights) out, and curl your arm up.

Heel Taps

You can also slowly lift your leg (using tippy toes-calf flexed)),about three inches from floor and lower, repeat for 10-12 reps and alternate legs. Easy peasy. LIVE-style – YEAH!!

Try this 5-minute stretch

YogaFIT Exercises Chair and at Your Desk

Eat for a HU-Healthy LIVE-style

Exercise and breaks are great, but taking your health a step further into eating healthier can be more difficult. It’s hard to eat well when it’s so much easier to snack on chips, grab fast food on lunch breaks, or just skip eating all together. Instead of that bag of chips, cookies, or pastry; choose healthier options. Try adding these to your grocery list:

  • snack bar
  • fresh fruit like grapes, berries, apple slices, or a banana
  • seaweed or seed wrap with hummus
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers.
  • chestnuts (good fiber)
  • avacado and seed crackers
  • sprouted raw nuts (walnut, cashew)

You get the picture? Another one of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese and fruit.

two containets of food with eggsm vegetables, and chicken.

Instead of grabbing ever-convenient fast foods, bring your snacks or lunch from home. Be sure you’ve packed the best pre-prepared fresh cooked or raw foods. Cold cuts, chicken and mixed veggies can be reheated in the microwave (don’t advise) – or even cold, and consumed quickly. Salads are great. We tend to think green leaves, BUT what about cutting up Italian cucumber, a bite of white endive leaf, onion, avocado, white or black beans, kohlrabi, walnuts, radish – a little avocado oil, balsamic and dash of sea salt and cracked black pepper? Yum! You can also add other white leaves like cabbage or cauliflower to this mix.

A Drop of Brain Food

Instead of foregoing eating to meet work deadlines, remember that your ability to focus and provide work excellence requires a fully fueled brain. Food provides energy. Using mineral supplements to help increase focus and overall health is another important way to fuel your brain. HUmineral’s Humic/Fulvic Acid Immune Boost Raw Liquid is food based and provides nourishment and hydration to the entire body by providing the vital mineral-food nutrients necessary for proper function and aging. Humic/Fulvic grabs nutrients and carries to the cells. Up-taking only what YOUR body requires.

Drop some Raw Humic/Fulvic Liquid in your morning coffee or smoothie, in that acai bowl, salad, or cottage cheese fruit bowl, or put some in that bottle of water you’re using for bicep curls at your desk. Don’t like liquids? Pop our Raw Powder Vegetarian capsule.

Make Time To Move: Don’t Stay Stuck

Desk jobs are considered to be the easiest jobs because they don’t require rigorous activities to complete. However, that’s the problem. Humans are meant to move to thrive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time behind your desk. It just means you need to be smart about it. Don’t become stagnant. Let’s keep flowing toward healthier.

HUmineral™ is committed to delivering consumers information and quality products that are from organic, natural and chemical-free sources in the form of whole foods and whole food supplements.

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