Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

Healthy Aging at all Stages of Life

In Terra Veritas – The Truth in the Earth of Italy

Wine field of Italy. Plants and soil



Emperors. Gladiators. Architecture. Gods and goddesses. Music. Art. Wine…. Italy is remembered and revered for many things, but so few know about the true value of what makes up this beautiful and historically rich country.

Beneath the ancient ruins, the lush, vibrant vineyards, and the modern metropolises is a spectacular and often overlooked resource that ancient and modern winemakers kept a closely guarded secret.

Italy: The Soil 

Piedemont Italy

The Po River valley, in the Piedmont (“at the foot of a mountain”) region, which lies open to the east, consists of some of the best farmlands in Italy. The name Piedmont has become a term generally applied to such a region. It is near the Adriatic Sea, and fields of green dominate its agricultural landscape. Agriculture is one of the main industries in the Po basin because of the fertile soil. 

The very soil in Italy is littered with ancient remains of long-ago volcanic cataclysms. And that soil is exactly what makes Italian wines as delicious and singular as connoisseurs have come to expect.

In regions nearest the active and long-dormant volcanos of Eta and Vesuvius, the soil is rich with minerals consistent with volcanic ash, such as pumice, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, and potassium. Collectively, these minerals create an acidity in the wine grapes that no other region on Earth can produce. Also, these minerals are absolutely necessary for the health and wellness of the human body.

Zeolite Detox/Cleanse Mineral

Zeolite, one of the mineral-based detox/cleanse products offered by HUmineral, is created using minerals and chemical compounds made of volcanic ash and other silicates. The benefits of Zeolite can be seen in sports medicine as an anti-inflammatory, in digestive health to aid metabolism, and immune-boosting with mineral and plant-based antioxidants.

The truth is that while the wine in Italy is good for the soul, the soil is good for the body.

We are water and dirt (soil).

By Candice Nicole

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